SG3 welding wire

SG3 Welding Wire

item No: SG3(G4Si1)
Chemical compositions (percent)
      C                      Mn                Si                 S                 P
0.06~0.15        1.40-1.85        0.8~1.15        0.035        ≤0.025
Mechanical properties  of deposited matal 
 Rm(Mpa)           Rp0.2(Mpa)          A(percent)            Akv(J)
    ≥480                   ≥400                  ≥22                  ≥27(-30℃)
Specification (mm): 0.8-2.0

100percent CO2 or 80percent Ar+20percent CO2 are used together.

SG3 G4Si1 is a copper coated gas metal arc welding soild wire, it is particularly designed for semi-automatic and full- automatic GMAW applications. SG3 welding wire is suitable for GMA welding of un-alloyed stuctural steels with a tensile strength up to 540 N/MM2, ship plates and fine-grained C-Mn steels. It gives high strength weld metal at working temperatures varying between -50°C and 450°C. It contains higher Si and Mn than SG2 G3Si1 welding wire. Increased silicon improves wettability.