Submerged-arc welding wire

EM12K Submerged-arc welding wire

item No: EM12K
Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal(percent) 
   C                 Mn               Si           S             P       
≤0.10        0.80~1.10     ≤0.07      ≤0.30      ≤0.30
Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Tensile Strength Mpa   Yield Point Mpa   Elongation percent  Impact Work AKV

         (kgf/mm2            ( kgf/mm2)             percent                        (-20℃)
            ≥330                    410-550                   ≥22                           ≥34

Specifications(mm): 1.6-5.0
Package(kg): 25-350
Main applications: Applicable to welding of low-carbon steel and some low-alloy steel(such as 16Mn); automatic submerged arc welding of boilers, pressure vessels, etc.
The submerged arc welding wire series products feature excellent welding and mechanical performances, stable arc, easily removable residue, good seam forming and highly efficient deposition. Wire melting does not lead to splash or strong flashing. The seam surface is smooth and welding quality is guaranteed. They facilitate mechanical and automatic welding process. With a wide range of welding parameters, the wires can be used in open field with strong wind and applied to automobiles, ships, bridges and chemical engineering.